Winter Starts from Yakutia

We invite residents and guests of Yakutsk to ”Winter Starts from Yakutia” Festival.
Enjoy the following program:
— «Warmth of Yakutia» Festival
— “Brilliants of Yakutia” International Snow and Ice Sculptures Contest
— “Munkha” Winter Fishing Festival
— “Diamond Notes” Republic’s Festival-Contest
— «Stroganina-2019» Festival
— “Below Zero” Extreme Photo Marathon
— “Taste of Yakutia” Gastronomic Festival
— “Ice Mask” Open Theater Festival
— Diamond Week of Kierge Trading House
— “Games of Peoples of the North” Northern All-Around Sports Competitions, etc.
The eventful festival week will end with a traditional meeting with Father Frost, Yakut Winter, Chyskhan and a hand over of the “New Year’s Capital of Russia” Cup .